Organizational Behavior

1. What is Organizational Behavior in your own words?

2. What is the relationship of human behavior in studying HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN ORGANIZATIONS (HBO)?

3. From the 4 Elements of Organizational Behavior, which one for you is the most important?

4. Choose 1 from the 4 benefits of studying HBO that for you has the greatest impact. Why?


Reference for #3:

1. People – The internal social system of the organization is composed of people consisting of individual persons and groups.

– The individual person is inducted as a member of a formal group. But sometimes, he or she may become a member of an informal group.

2. Structure – The structure defines the formal relationship of people in the organization.

– It describe how job task are formally divided, grouped and coordinated.



•Compensation and Benefits

•Training and Development

•Human Resource Department

3. Technology – Refers to the combination of resources, knowledge, and techniques with which people work and affect the task that they perform.

– It consist of buildings, machines, work processes, and assembled resources

4. Environment – Refers to institutions or forces outside the organization that potentially affect the organization’s performance.

– It includes suppliers, customers, competitors, government regulatory, agencies, public pressure groups, and the like.


Reference for #4:

1. DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS – A person who is much adept in the performance of his work may be successful up to a certain extent, but he will require another skill to make other people believe that he should be more successful than his current achievement.

•Skill in doing one’s work.

•Skill in relating with people.

2. PERSONAL GROWTH – Personal growth makes a person highly competitive in the workplace.

– The chance to achieve personal growth is enhanced by knowledge of OB.

– A person who strives to know himself better is entering the realm of interpersonal intelligence.

– Interpersonal thinking may be described briefly as one possessed by a person with highly accurate understanding of oneself.

3. ENHANCEMENT OF EFFECTIVENESS – When right decisions are made, effectiveness follows.

– In decision making, knowledge of OB can be very useful.

Situation 1: A person who perform better when they work in the afternoon.

Situation 2: A person who is not highly motivated.

4. REFINEMENT OF COMMON SENSE – People differ in the degree of common sense they possess.

– For instance, common sense dictates that persons working in hot and humid places cannot perform well.

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