Importance of professional networking

The purpose of this three-part assignment is to demonstrate the importance of professional networking and to use proven, effective communication theory in doing so. Professional networking provides professionals with the opportunity to explore their field while developing strong support systems within their medical community. Support systems foster the development of new relationships, provide overviews of other specialties, and offer a base of shared content knowledge within a field.

Part 1: In 250-300 words, describe the importance of professional networking.

Part 2: In 500-750 words, evaluate three different strategies that could be used to form an effective professional network. Provide examples of each. Which do you feel would be most effective for your personal communication style and why?

Part 3: Compose a mock email to a board member of a fictional professional organization inquiring about membership, meetings, and volunteer work. Ask about benefits of joining, such as CEUs, conferences, or educational scholarships. Your email should be at least three paragraphs in length, yet concise. Develop this email on a separate page, as you would a references page.

Provide a short rationale after the email describing which effective communication theory you used and how it was applied.

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