Foundation of Knowledge Model

Discuss how the Foundation of Knowledge Model and the science that supports nursing informatics can guide nursing practice, education, leadership, and research.

Choose a clinical scenario from your recent experience and analyze it using the

Foundation of Knowledge Model© 2007. How did you acquire knowledge? How did you process knowledge?

How did you generate knowledge? How did you disseminate knowledge?

How did you use feedback and what was the effect of feedback on the foundation of your knowledge?

Describe cognitive informatics (CI). Think about a plan of care that you have developed for a patient or might develop for a patient. How do you see cognitive informatics?

Additional Solved Questions

Chapter 1 Nursing Science and the Foundation of Knowledge:

How do you think the Foundation of Knowledge Model will fit into your nursing informatics practice or experience?

Chapter 2 Introduction to Information, Information Science, and Information Systems:

How do you acquire knowledge? How do you use feedback?

Chapter 6 History and Evolution of Informatics:

For you, what was the most surprising part of the history and evolution of nursing informatics? Is there something you did not know before reading the chapter?

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