Burger dome sells hamburgers

Burger dome sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, soft drinks, and milk shakes, as well as a limNumber of ited number of specialty items and dessert selections. Although burger dome would like to serve each customer immediately, at times more customers arrive than can be handled by the burger dome food service staff. Thus customers wait in line to place and receive their orders. suppose that burger dome analyzed data on customer arrivals and concluded that the arrival rate is 27 customers per hour and 1 customer processed per minute.
compare a multiple-server waiting line system with a shared queue to a multiple-server waiting line system with a dedicated queue for each server. suppose burger dome establishes two servers but arranges the restaurant layout so than an arriving customer must decide which servers queue to join. Assume that this system equally splits the customer arrivals so that each server sees half of the customers. how does this system compare with the two-server waiting line system with a shared queue? Compare the average number of customers waiting, average number of customers in the system, average waiting time, and average time in the system. If required, round your answers to four decimal places.

Shared single queue             Dedicated  queue

Number of customers waiting                             ?                                             ?
Average number of customers in the system     ?                                             ?
Average waiting times                                         ?      Minutes                         ?  minutes
average time in the system                                 ?      Minutes                         ?  Minutes

Comparing these numbers, it is clear that the  A. shared single queue       results in better process performance than the A. Shared single queue
or                                                                                                                    or
b. two dedicated queues                                                                                 B. Two dedicated queues

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