Finance is a dry and serious topic for most of you

Let’s start off this discussion on a light-hearted note. Finance is a dry and serious topic for most of you. So as an initial challenge, find a video on YouTube that illustrates some financial concepts from this
module in a silly or entertaining manner. I’ll start off with a very old cartoon video that explains the financial world:
The Film Archives. (1957). The stock market explained simply: Finance and investing basics. Retrieved from:
See if you can find something even sillier. But remember the video still should have some educational value in terms of explaining some concepts for this class. You can also choose to find a silly video on how to use Microsoft Excel, as this is another tool you will use in this class. 100 words

Now that we are in Module 2 and doing some more serious calculations, find some videos on Microsoft Excel that you find useful and provide some easy-to-follow instructions.  If you are new to Excel, find some videos that help you get started with basics such as entering data and creating formulas.  If you had some experience with Excel
prior to this class, then find some videos on some Excel’s more advanced present value functions such as PV or NPV.  Note you do not need to use the PV or NPV functions for this module, but they might come in handy for Module 4.  Share the video link with your classmates, and give a brief overview of what the video covers and
what you found useful about it.  In addition to posting your own video, take a look at a couple of videos that your classmates post and give your own review of these videos. Note that while Excel is most famous as a finance tool, it is also used in many other areas of management. For example, a human resource department might use Excel to keep track of payroll.  If you have already used Excel in your workplace, share your experiences with

how you used it.  If you have not yet used Excel in your workplace,
discuss whether or not you might use it in the future. 100 words


When it comes to new companies that begin to sellshares on the stock market, hype can be just as much of a factor as the actual potential of the company.  The first time a company issues stock to be purchased by the public, it is called an initial public offering (IPO).  Snapchat was heavily hyped when it went through its first IPO,
but they were not as successful as they hoped.  Upcoming IPOs that some investors are eagerly waiting for include Airbnb, Spotify, Uber, Pinterest, SpaceX, and Dropbox. Do you think any of these companies will live up to the hype? Or do you think if you invest in them you will become a “fashion victim” and lose money from following trends and hype? Give your analysis based both on what you have seen in the news about any of these companies
as well as any personal experience you might have had with use of their services. 100 words

Because of competition from Amazon and other online retailers, brick and mortar retailers have been struggling. In addition to increased competition, many retailers have large amounts of debt, which puts
them at risk of bankruptcy. Some, such as American Apparel, have already filed for bankruptcy and closed all their stores, and many others are struggling and close to bankruptcy. Here is one article on retailers that are in trouble; but there are probably even more recent cases:

Timmerman, M. (2017). Retail alert: This major electronics retailer is closing more than 1,000 stores. Cox Media Group. Retrieved from: If you and your coworkers or classmates got together to bet on a “dead pool” of which retailer will go bankrupt soon, which retail chain would you bet would be the next to fall? Base your guess on what you have
read in the news, or what you have personally observed in terms of a retail shop being empty when you go there or having prices too high to compete with Amazon. 100 words

Has this class changed how you view investments and financial
management?  Are there any concepts from the class that you will use
for your career?  Are there any concepts that you will use for your own
personal investment or money management strategies? 100 words

We live in an information age when infinite quantities of facts are
widely available to anyone who can use a computer. We all have the
difficult task of competing in this information age where knowledge
sharing within an organization could make a big difference.
 Discuss why IT is a major enabler of business performance and
success and why IT job prospects are so strong. Describe the
nature of these IT jobs.
 What do you see as the most dominant IT jobs in the next 15
 Comment on the postings of your classmates. 100 words


Big Data Analytics is all the rage and discussed widely in the popular
press. Teradata is a firm that specializes in housing big data for
organizations and providing them specialized tools for analyzing and
visualizing this data.
 Visit
 Click on Case Stories and select one of the videos.
 Write a description of the video.
Comment on the videos summaries posted by the other students and
indicate what you learned from these postings.100 words

“Apps” has become the latest buzzword. It used to refer to application
software that ran on a computer. Now the name has been shortened
and refers to small pieces of code that can add functionality to a mobile
device—often a smartphone.
 Visit an Internet apps website such as Playstore. Identify three
types of app systems and their value for the individual.
 Compare your discussion to what other students posted. What
new apps have you learned about in this discussion 100 words

We have come to depend on using the internet for so many things. We
pay our bills via websites, bank online, and buy many products online
such as music, software, and equipment. Visit one of your favorite
websites where you spend money and identify three ways that the site
is making money. Discuss the market for this website – do they have a
global customer base?
After you post, comment on your classmates’ posts and what you may
have learned from them. 100 words

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