Your company has reaped the benefits of having long-term

Your company has reaped the benefits of having long-term, tenured employees, but many of them are now approaching retirement. It is anticipated that approximately 20 % of the company’s workforce will retire in the next 3 to five years. In reviewing the remaining workforce through HR planning efforts, you have become aware of work-life balance issues that need to be reviewed and addressed. The company president has requested that you prepare a retention plan outlining these issues as well as ways to address them.

Resources that can help you address the issues in the retention plan can be found at WFC Resources or Society for Human Resource Management.

A. What steps will you take to identify key priorities in the work-life balance issues?

B. How will you present a business case to gain management support for addressing those issues in order to help retain existing and to fill the positions vacated by retiring employee

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