Susan Watts a 30-year-old female client

Susan Watts, a 30-year-old female client, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was treated with paliperidone (Invega) 9 mg PO every day and benztropine (Cogentin) 1 mg PO 2× a day. The client arrives at the clinic and is exhibiting the following symptoms. She is repeating what is said to her (echolalia) and is telling you that the sirens are loud and the paramedics are working hard to save the man.

She yells over at the paramedics, she sees and tells them they are doing a great job. She has a flat affect and is bouncing her knees up and down as she sits staring at the wall where she is seeing and hearing the hallucination. Her husband is with her and stated he is worried about his wife because she has not bathed, washed, or combed her hair for 2 days now. She has not gone to work for the past week. He stated that she keeps failing to take her medications even with reminding. The client’s husband asks the LPN/LVN if there is any way the drug therapy could be managed differently so his wife will be more compliant.

(Learning Objective 14)

a. What can be done to help improve the client’s compliance with the medications?

b. Explain the administration considerations for the prescribed medications

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