Sarah reviewed her options

Sarah reviewed her options after being told she would not get the sales manager job in her office, and tried to decide if she would remain with the company.

Sarah said to herself, “Well, the job market is tight right now, but with my sales record, I could probably get another job before too long. But I really like working for Robert, and I’d hate for him to think – or for ME to think – that I was giving up. On the other hand, some companies have much better salaries and benefits than mine does. And I never really loved what I sell now. Maybe I’d be a better salesperson for something I’m really passionate about.”

Based on Sarah’s thoughts, which of the following is an argument against staying in the comfort zone of her current job?

  • Earning a higher salary
  • Persevering despite adversity
  • Avoiding the fear of unemployment
  • Continuing to work for Robert
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