Medical laws protect patients their families

Medical laws protect patients, their families, healthcare professionals, and medical practices. Imagine having a family member who has been on a ventilator for six months. You are hopeful that one day they will open their eyes or make some type of movement to let you know they are still alive and will come off the ventilator breathing on their own. What if the hospital had a policy in place that after a certain length of time, a patient on a ventilator would have to be transferred to an assisted living facility?

Initial Post

For your initial post, explain how you would feel about transferring your family member to a new facility in this scenario. Do you think this type of rule or regulation is appropriate in this situation? If you had the ability to change this rule, how would it be different? Do you feel the hospital is in their right to establish this rule? Why would a hospital have this rule? You are required to submit original content. Be sure to explain your reasoning.

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