Kale a California CPA is a sole practitioner

Kale, a California CPA, is a sole practitioner who prepared 500 tax returns in 20X6. At the end of 20X6 she took over a tax practice from a close friend who died suddenly and will now prepare nearly 900 returns during 20X7. Due to the increased work load and her inability to hire qualified help, Kale because so busy that she forgot to complete all of her required continuing professional education.

When it became time to renew her license in May 20X7 she realized that she was 30 hours short of the total hours required, she had not taken enough accounting and auditing hours, and it was the renewal period in which she was required to take her California Regulatory Review course which she had not completed within the previous six years. Given the situation, what must Kale do?

a Kale should apply for a time extension. Until the extension arrives she may continue to practice public accounting

b Kale should apply to have her license put on inactive status while she completes her CPE requirements. During that period of time she may not engage in the practice of public accounting

cKale has an automatic extension of 30 days to complete her CPE.

dKale has an automatic extension of 10 days to complete her CPE

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