Joni Winters a 64-year-old female client

Joni Winters, a 64-year-old female client, is admitted with a fractured hip. She has chronic renal failure and has continuous peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) exchanges every 6 hours. The Tenckhoft peritoneal catheter site has redness, which goes across the abdomen. The client states that her abdomen is tender to touch all over, and the nurse notes the abdomen is rigid. The bowel sounds are decreased, and the peritoneal dialysate is in the dwelling phase of the cycle. The vital signs are T, 101°F; BP, 140/90 mm Hg; HR, 110 beats/minute; RR, 28 breaths/minute. The client asks the LPN/LVN to provide the peritoneal dialysis because she has a broken hip and cannot manage it.

  1. Acquisition of knowledge regarding the patient’s diagnosis & medical/nursing management reflects research from appropriate medical & nursing sources. (What reference did you utilize?)
  2. Uses the SBAR documentation concept to provide report to the RN & physician. This information will include the history of the complaint, the quality & description of the patient’s discomfort, the description of the drainage & subjective/objective findings.
  3. Identify/document the key points that need to be completed prior to beginning the peritoneal dialysis exchange.
  4. Identify/document the key points that need to be addressed upon initiation & during dialysis.
  5. Identify/document the key points that need to be addressed upon completion of the dialysis.
  6. Comprehension of the patient’s diagnosis & treatment is reflected in the Case Study presentation.
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