CA Teacher Qualifications

CA Teacher Qualifications

Pretend that you are the owner of a child care center, and you have been asked to do a presentation for a group of people who are interested in opening their own centers. Since you have owned your center for several years, you know a lot about the regulations and requirements for child care centers.

Prepare a presentation which includes the following information:

CA state requirements for early childhood teachers – what education is required, how much experience, etc.
CA state requirements for child care center directors – what education is required, how much experience, etc.
CA state regulations regarding the ratio of children to teachers
CA state regulations for the amount of indoor and outdoor space per child
Other important requirements that new center owners should know
Community Care Licensing is the California agency that oversees child care centers and family child care homes. The information on their website will be very helpful in putting together your presentation. Community Care Licensing (Links to an external site.) However you can use other sources as well. Please include all of your sources on your final slide.

You can use Powerpoint, or Google Slides, or any other presentation software.

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