What leader that was studied in this course


  1. What leader that was studied in this course impacted history the most? This should be someone from Europe. Choose the leader who impacted history either good or bad and explain the rationale for your answer giving at least four specific examples of how this leader impacted history. Why was this leader so important and impactful? They should be from the period of the Renaissance to the current day and we must have studied them in this course. They do not have to have been kings or Presidents, although those could be. This essay is to be at least 250 words.
  2. What event in Western European history was the most impactful to change history from 1600 -2010 and why? Describe the event or period and explain why it was so impactful and what about it changed history and how. This essay should be at least 250 words. An event is not necessarily a one day event but it is not too broad either.
  3. Religion has played an important part in history since early times. However, since 1600, there have been many times when religion has played an important role in Western civilization. Write an essay of at least 250 words explaining at least one time when religion played a part in Western history and how it did so?
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