Authenticity Equity and Inclusivity

Authenticity, Equity, and Inclusivity

  • Analyze what authenticity means to you as it applies to the role of a manager.
  • Examine what an inclusive and equitable workplace is, including a description of its features, as well as an analysis of its impact on employees and the organization as a whole. Be sure to include specific examples to support your analysis.
  • Summarize the role of a manager in promoting an authentic, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Core Beliefs and Values

  • Analyze the key values, beliefs, and/or experiences that have shaped you and that guide your thinking and behavior.
  • Explain how these values, beliefs, and/or experiences have influenced your workplace behavior in the past.
  • Identify three specific instances where you have had to make ethical choices. For each instance:
    • Describe the situation and the various courses of action you could have taken;
    • Explain what you ultimately decided and why; and
    • Explain whether you would make the same decision today.
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