In the imaginary land of Wakanda


In the imaginary land of Wakanda, established landowners keep their power by maintaining private armies. Powerful families regularly disagree on who should gain control over which resources. These disagreements involve violence and intimidation, including but not limited to kidnapping, extortion, and murder. This continued for generations until one day, the two most dominant families fight for control over the other. To end the violence, a “Peace Negotiator” was asked to intervene.


After initial negotiations, the families expressed a deal, which we will name “Forever”.
The “Forever” deal goes like this: the families are willing to consider an immediate end to the violence if they will be guaranteed a national position of equal power. This way, the playing field is once again equal, they get to keep their power, and none of them will be prosecuted for crimes against each other. Furthermore, the families agree to hold a national election every 6 years. Which means, whatever happens, the “Forever” deal will be renewed in 6 years’ time. Any violation of this deal is sure to result to further violence as families will try to retaliate.

For the “Peace Negotiator”, who may or may not be familiar with Applied Ethics, the situation seems to present a dilemma. This is how the Peace Negotiator sees the situation:
knowing that they will place corrupt people in positions of power, should the negotiator accept the deal in order to end the violent conflicts now and buy time to establish long-term peace through better deals? (In other words, tolerate some corruption now to work on peace long-term). Or should we choose violence now, let the competing families fight each other and possibly even arm the people, to eliminate the corrupt families? (In other words, sacrifice peace in the short-term to eliminate corruption in the long-term.)


Based on what you learned about social justice, on peace and corruption, how should the peace negotiator act? Express your ideas by writing a problem and solution. To prove that your ideas are effective, you should be able to discuss how these ideas also work in the real world. You may use national and/or regional examples and figures from the Philippine context which resembles the situation of Wakanda.


* Unique Title

  1. Introduction: Introduce the topic, context, and thesis statement
  2. Body:  explain the problem.  t     W   ooo  body paragraphs to discuss the main proposed solution, how it works in theory and practice (with examples). Show why it is the best solution
  3. Body: discussing alternative solutions, why they are plausible or why they might not work
  4. Conclusion: Summary of the content/ restatement of the thesis statement and implications.
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