Head of the Human Resources Department for a fictitious organization

Case Assignment: Head of the Human Resources Department for a fictitious organization


The case assignment is a 5-8 page (excluding cover references pages) paper written in APA format that includes the material and topics covered in Modules 1-4. A minimum of six (6) sources must be used to support your comments, although more sources are highly encouraged. Sources must be a combination of sources used in the
course and sources found in independent research. At least 75% of your sources must be retrieved from the TUW Library.

All sources must be referenced and cited in the body of your assignment and formatted to APA criteria. Ensure that your paper includes a formal introduction, conclusion, and all required topics are separated by at the very minimum, section (Level 1) headings. Do not include an abstract as many students confuse an abstract with an


You are hired to be the head of the Human Resources Department for a fictitious organization in the state that you have chosen to write about in several of your discussions. The company operates from several facilities within the state and employees roughly 500 employees including management, sales personnel, administrative staff, and warehouse workers. Many employees are regular full-time employees, but there is also a large number of part time employees. Some employees telecommute on some days. The company employs a number of independent contractors in professional positions throughout the year and many seasonal/temporary employees during
peak periods. However, some employees are misclassified in their roles violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The CEO states that over the last three years employee morale has declined. Employee turnover has increased, and productivity has steadily declined. Teams that were identified as ‘high performing’ in the past now suffer from internal conflict. The CEO further states that although there have been no formal complaints, employees have been
overheard to complain about a lack of diversity in the company’s hiring and promotion practices. In addition, other employees have been overheard to complain about being uncomfortable with working in an organization that doesn’t address inappropriate comments, insensitive jokes, and derogatory remarks that include sexual
innuendo from other employees including supervisors. Employees believed that the previous HR director was a friend of the CEO and did not act in the employees’ interest.

On your first day of work, you find that there are no formal human resources policies or procedures in place. You realize that your most immediate task is to create HR policies and practices that will address this problem and ensure that the company is in compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws. The policies and
procedures will also have to influence employees’ perceptions about the company and build a culture of fairness and trust.

Content Requirements:

2 / 4

Based on your learning from Modules 1-4, you will present the company’s CEO with an executive summary and a series of basic policies and procedures that you will eventually develop into an employee handbook that is the focus of your signature assignment. In the case assignment:

1. Discuss the legal environment of human resources management and need for policies and procedures in the
company. To make your case, support your discussion with the identification of with federal, state, and local laws and programs, and the legal repercussions for non-compliance.
2. Present strategies about how you will communicate and distribute the policies and procedures to the various
employees throughout the organization.
3. Further discuss how you believe these policies and procedures will affect employees’ and organizational performance and mitigate legal risk within the organization.
4. Develop and present basic policies and procedures that address the following (Note: you will expand your basic
policies into formal ones in the signature assignment):

At-will Employment
Types of Employees and employee classifications
Civil rights, equal employment opportunities, and
affirmative action
Discrimination and harassment with a major focus on
sexual harassment

Include your policies in the body of the paper. Do NOT submit them
as attachments. Develop your own policies. Do NOT risk committing
plagiarism by copying existing policies from other organizations or

3 / 4

copying and pasting policies found in other sources.

1. Discuss how you will follow up the communication and
distribution of these policies and procedures to ensure
compliance throughout the organization.

Note: Late assignments will be subject to grade reductions. It is
important to reach out to the professor if you anticipate problems
completing your assignment.

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