Le Corbusier Questions

1.Explain why Le Corbusier disagrees with people living in old-fashioned houses. Do you agree?

2.Le Corbusier felt that engineers were superior and desired to eliminate architects altogether.

Group of answer choices



3.In Towards a New Architecture, Le Corbusier refers to “champions of the art of to-day.” At the time of his writing, to whom is he referring?

Group of answer choices

A. Painters and sculptors

B. Engineers and machinists

C. Businessmen and bankers

D. Architects

4.According to Le Corbusier, at the time of his writing the following “tools” were considered out-dated: (Select ALL that apply.)

Group of answer choices

The culverin

The automobile

The steamship

The telephone

The carbine

The old locomotive

The growler

The airplane

5.Le Corbusier says “architecture to-day is no longer conscious of its own beginnings.” What does this seem to mean? What is his problem with architects, and do you agree?

6.Explain why Le Corbusier thinks “Architecture can be found in the telephone and in the Parthenon.” What might this mean, and do you agree?

7.What does Le Corbusier believe engineers are doing ‘right?’ Does he think we still need architects? Do you agree with his position?

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