Trayvon is a 28-year-old male

Trayvon is a 28-year-old male who was recently discharged from the military as a result of some behavioral issues leading to early termination. He was never in a combat situation, and his behavior and anger seem to predate his military enlistment. He is only in care because the military offers this as a transitional service, and Trayvon thinks it will help him be successful with future job applications. During a comprehensive evaluation of Trayvon, the PMHNP realizes that, among other things, he is experiencing postcoital dysphoria. Predictably this is causing some problems with his girlfriend, and he asks if there is anything he can take to help. The PMHNP advises that:

Antianxiety agents have been successful in some patients

This is most often due to issues in the relationship and dual-sex therapy is indicated

Insight-oriented psychotherapy is necessary to help him identify unconscious antecedents to his behavior

This is probably one symptom of an underlying personality disorder and requires treatment of the primary problem

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