Edward Said’s conception of Orientalism

A discussion on how Africa is represented by the West, Drawing on
Edward Said’s (1978) conception of Orientalism.
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12 Point Times New Roman, APA 7th Edition Referencing.

Essay Question:
Drawing on Edward Said’s (1978) conception of Orientalism, discuss how
Africa is represented by or in the West? Your discussion should also
make reference to the implications of these representations. Draw on
various examples to illustrate your answer.

Please draw implications for- and use examples from South Africa
specifically pre- and post- Apartheid if possible. I am a white person
living in South Africa, and I don’t presume to know or understand the
pain African people have gone through in the past, I would be grateful
if you could be sensitive to that.

Reading Provided by University:
Edward Said, 1978, Orientalism. Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd, London.-
(Introduction, pp. 1-28)

Ali A. Mazrui (2000) A Preliminary Critique of the TV Series by Henry
Louis Gates, Jr., The Black Scholar, 30:1, 5-6,

Of course additional sources are always welcome :). By African writers
even better

Aim of the course
This part of the course examines the dialectical relationship between
theory and experience. Borrowing from sociologist, Michael Burawoy’s
(2013) idea of “living theory”, this part of the course turns to texts
and experiences that allow us to understand theory as dynamic, as
mobilised, made and remade in our everyday lives and in struggles over
how to effect change in the world. It puts emphasis on theory from the
south or southern theory to capture voices of the subaltern or the
marginalised. It also presents ideas about the relationship between
power, knowledge production and its valorisation and circulation, and
encourages you as students to see yourselves as active participants in
the production of theory.

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