Write a 6–10-page in (American Psychological Association)

Write a 6–10-page essay in APA (American Psychological Association) format, double-spaced, and include section headings where appropriate (cover page and abstract are not required and do not count toward the 6-page minimum). Citations are required within the essay and a list of references, in APA format, is required.

Your first and last name must be on the essay.

Choose only one location to discuss in the essay.

Describe the service-learning environment and its location, e.g., a daycare center for underprivileged children ages 1-7 in Arkansas City, Kansas.

What is the purpose or mission of the organization? What social issue or concern are they trying to address.

Why did you choose this site or organization?

Explain at least three duties and/or tasks you performed.

Course Connections: Describe three specific connections made between psychological theory, concepts, or processes and your service-learning experience.

Explain the psychological theory, concept, or process and provide citations, in APA format, to your source of information.

Explain how the service-learning experience connects with the psychological content cited.

Personal reflection: Explain what you personally learned from this experience.

Will also be graded on the clarity and organization of the paper, including proper APA formatting (see rubric).


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