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Overview: For this assignment, due in Module Eight, you will answer three questions related to a scenario involving the marketing of a natural pet food product. This task, to be completed in MS Excel, provides you with an opportunity to organize data in order to identify information based on market research that can drive consumer decision-making.

Prompt: First, read the required sections in Chapter 2 of your text. Then, watch the brief video MKT 337 SNHU Pet Supply Store Assignment, which will walk you through this task.

In this scenario, you have just been hired as the director of marketing for the new natural pet-food line at SNHU Pet Supply Store. You learned that prior to your employment, SNHU Pet Supply Store surveyed its customers across the United States in order to understand who they are (demographics), what natural pet food they purchase, how much they spend per month on natural pet food, and the reasons why they selected that specific brand of natural pet food.

The Excel data file Pet Food Survey Results: Student Version With Sample has the responses of 500 customers. These customers purchased natural pet food from SNHU Pet Supply Store during the month of January 2016 (online via the store’s site or in any of their stores across the nation) and were invited to participate in the survey. In exchange, they were entered into a drawing to win free pet food for one year. In order to reduce the potential for one person submitting multiple surveys to increase their chances of winning the prize, participants were required to enter their name, home phone, email address, and mailing address. The goal was to have a 95% confidence level with a margin of error of 5%.

The Survey Questions and Survey Data Attributes tabs provide you with a look at the survey and a key for the survey data. For this assignment, answer the following:

  1. Question 1: Pivot Table (Demographics): On the tabs entitled “Question 1” A through D, create a pivot table for the following:
    1. How many males and females submitted the survey (# and %)?
    2. What was the age breakdown for female respondents?
    3. What was the number of female respondents between the ages of 45 and 54 who earned between $50,000 and $74,999?
    4. What was the number of male respondents between the ages of 35 and 44 who purchased Blue Buffalo?
  2. Question 2: Pivot Table (Satisfaction Based on Gender/Age/Location): On the tab entitled “Question 2,” create a pivot table that shows the gender/age/location of those customers who are “Somewhat Dissatisfied” and “Strongly Dissatisfied” with their current pet food. How might this impact your promotional strategy aimed at motivating pet owners to switch to your pet food brand?

3. Question 3: Consumer Motivation: On the tab entitled “Question 3,” based on the pet owner’s level of satisfaction with their current pet food, does it appear likely that the recommendation/prescription from their veterinarian will motivate them to spend more money on a new/different pet food? If so, how might this impact your promotional efforts?

Be sure to explain your work and address the open-ended questions

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