Patient assessment in a primary care setting

Demonstrate ability to conduct a thorough patient assessment in a primary care setting and to create a behavioral change plan with appropriate operational goals/objectives. Demonstrate skills of engagement, including effectiveness in working with patients in the pre-contemplative and contemplative stages of change. Select a physical health disorder (e.g., diabetes, coronary artery disease, chronic pain, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, or other concern from the text or an issue that is prevalent in primary care) with a co-occurring mental health component.

Prepare a presentation including the following: Create a hypothetical case study in which a patient is referred to you in an integrated health setting with co-occurring conditions as described above (physical and mental health) Included in your case study should be: ○ The screening tool used and the results, including rationale for tool chosen ○ Assessment of the primary concerns ○ Goal setting—identify two SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time based) goals for the patient ○ Describe two strategies for each goal – strategies should name the “how” for Achieving the SMART goals ○ Detail the clinical interventions you would choose to assist the client in meeting their SMART goals, including rationale for intervention ○ Include a follow-up plan – describe how would you plan to follow up with this patient in the context of integrated healthcare A minimum of three references required. Please use APA format for in-slide citations and reference list

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