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A web browser takes you anywhere on the internet, letting you see images, texts, and videos from anywhere in the world. The use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol transfers the information of a browser. It gets information from other parts of the web and displays it on your mobile or desktop devices. The information shared and displayed is always in a consistent format so that people using the browser at any given geographical area can access the information.

Experience and project results

The browsing process starts when one enters the information on the browser’s search bar. The data is searched across the web, and the information and pictures are displayed on the desktop. In this case, I searched for hands-on project 1, and the browser retrieved the data from plus.pearson.com, the website. After clearing the history and entering the same information again, the website was able to return me the same website, and the results from the previous search proving that the web browser indeed has a memory and can store history, which is retrieved due to the built-in logging functions which keep track of the website that was previously visited. The screenshots provided show the results after both searches and clearing of the history.


The browser is prone to ‘hang,’ which is the reduced speed of performance and retrieving the wrong information. When one does not have the full information about what you are searching for, the browser will not get the whole information about what you want. Similar information is also retrieved in a case where there is multiple information on the same subject.




The browsing process is made easier by tracking, especially when you have to visit the website again in the future. The cookies website especially store data about the search history and the website. Therefore, this can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the information one is searching for.


A history view pane with previously visited sites pops out from the right side of the page. The history is in order sort by time from the newest to the oldest, grouped by date.  The pane also shows recently closed and tabs from other devices tabs.


On opening up a folder from the previous week, the page opens up, and the history pane is updated. The folder I have just opened comes on the top of the list but still records the previous time I opened it.

After clearing my browser’s history, the last page opened on the browser still displays its contents even though the history is empty.

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