Voting Rights Act OF 1965

Do you know that minorities are still discriminated against in the voting process in America? Texas is one of the states that still suppress minorities’ ability to vote, thus denying them a chance to elect people who will look at their interests. The problem of discriminating the minorities in the voting process is historical in America. The restrictive laws that make it hard for minorities to vote are still present in Texas even when the calls for equality surge. The thought that Jim Crow laws do not exist in America is a lie because minorities in Texas continue to suffer from discrimination of minorities in voting. However, there are ways that Texas can use, and the federal government can ensure that minorities’ rights in the voting process in protected, such as honoring The Voting Rights Act and Ending gerrymandering and partisan redistricting.

The Voting Rights Act OF 1965 (VRA) ensured that discrimination of minorities based on their race in the voting process was outlawed. The VRA revolutionized the voting process by ensuring that any person eligible to vote was offered all the resources to exercise their constitutional right. According to Johnson, after the VRA was enacted, “Within a few years of its passage, the Voting Rights Act had paved the way for thousands of Black and brown voters to go to the ballot box.” It is clear that if VRA were followed and implemented as intended, the problem of minorities discrimination in the voting process in Texas would be solved. Texas state and the federal government should ensure that the VRA is followed and honored completely by enacting laws that offer every person an opportunity to vote. Texas has restrictive laws and continues to make them stricter, which is evident in the recent Senate Bill 7, which seeks to outlaw 24-hour voting, which has allowed many African Americans to vote (Ura). Therefore, the Texas government must honor the VRA and allow minorities working in different shifts and opportunities to cast their vote. By ensuring that VRA is honored, Texas and the federal government will enable citizens who work different jobs or require assistance in voting to exercise their rights. The federal and state governments need to ensure that VRA is honored so the minorities can enjoy their right to vote without facing time and assistance restrictions contained in SB 7. It is about time that the governments ensured that the Jim Crow laws do not find a place in modern America because they prevent the minorities, such as African Americans, from exercising their right to vote. Republicans control Texas, which has made it harder for Democratic voters who, majorly minorities such as blacks and Hispanics, miss representation in the voting process due to gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is a common practice in Texas that has been used for decades to favor Republicans and whites in the voting process. Gerrymandering is a game played to ensure that the political party gets the most seats. According to Soffen, “Majority-minority districts, by concentrating the minority vote in certain districts, have the unintended consequence of diluting their influence elsewhere.” Therefore, although gerrymandering is a political game, it has affected the minorities such as African Americans and Hispanics in Texas by placing them in predominantly white districts, thus making their votes to lack impact. It is up to the Federal government and Texas state to ensure that redistricting is done fairly instead of discriminating against minority communities racially. The redrawing of the districts and ending gerrymandering is a solution that can ensure that minorities get their rights in the voting process because it will ensure they are not placed in districts that do not support their views or interests. Redistricting can help minorities participate in the voting process, but it can still block their vote impact if it is done along with parties’ interests. According to American Civil Liberties Union, “When redistricting is conducted properly, district lines are redrawn to reflect population changes and racial diversity.” The statement proves that there are solutions for ensuring that minorities in Texas can enjoy their right in the voting process, but only if the state and federal government ensure that redistricting is done properly. Redistricting to get seats in the House or Senate or block the minorities’ opportunity to vote will violate their right to be heard or their interest represented in the government.

The oppression and discrimination of minorities is a chronic social and political issue in America. The discrimination is seen in the restrictive laws formulated to continue this inhumane and racist act. Although the VRA came as a relief for the minorities who had been denied their civil right to elect their representative, it is clear that the law has had little impact in Texas. It is about time that the federal and state governments honored the VRA in its totality by ensuring that all citizens eligible to vote are given a conducive environment and enough time to choose their representatives. The ending of gerrymandering and partisan redistricting are possible solutions that can ensure that minorities in Texas enjoy their rights in the voting process. In-country that prides itself as the land of the free and democracy, it is about time that this was applied in the voting process to ensure that each minority vote counts.

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