traditions of society

Not following the traditions of society is the real definition of being a man. Society has cultures, and religion is one cultural practice. A man’s true nature of what he believes is wrong or right must not be compromised by what society defines as wrong or right. What is right or wrong is relative and can change depending on the occasion, people and location. Therefore, it is correct to say that what defines a man is his beliefs. Today rejecting the popular benchmarks is considered defiance of all societal standards (Kramnick and Lowi 474). There is no need to hide behind cultural practices such as religion when a person is not necessarily “good” or “bad.” It is not valid if hate is excluded from the talks of love; it would be a pretense, just like the religious men who give the wicked dollar after seeing religion as a business opportunity and a way to show charitable characteristics. According to Emerson, conformity is negatively impacting the people in America. Americans have lost their esteem because they have trusted what people say they are rather than who they are. The county depends so much on foreign goods that it has forgotten its potential and the numbers (Kramnick and Lowi 476). Institutions, whether religious or educational, cannot be more superior to their citizens. Meaning the society and its institutions are only intended to man rigid and rooted. It is time to realize that society is fluid (Kramnick and Lowi 477). Those inconsistent are not necessarily from the devil, as the religious individuals will put it, but results in small-mindedness.

“…a man who stands on his feet is stronger than a man who stands on his head” is the most exciting quote in this excerpt (Kramnick and Lowi 476). Emerson says this when he talks about a property. He says that individuals on their feet are more self-reliant and independent than those on their heads because they have a damaged world perspective and depend on the material stuff. Individuals depending on their head, are afraid of the truth, death, and one another (Kramnick and Lowi 475). Thinking on your feet means accepting that there is no such thing as “perfection.” On the contrary, individuals standing on their heads make false promises because they do not know situations on the ground. They live beyond their means, and their overly ambitious selves cause them to continue begging day and night to meet their expectations.

To be a non-conformist is to be a true man. An individual who lives according to the societal standards of what is good and evil has lost himself. Furthermore, although the ease found in living according to what society says is correct, it takes courage to say “no” and live far from society’s pressure and live according to the notion of one’s goodness. Of course, living as a non-conformist is easier said than done. Therefore, the individual must be prepared for backlash and disapproval, such as associations with the devil. It is easy to put out objections from a controllable number of cultivated individuals, but what about the loud mob? Therefore is Emerson suggesting solitude? Can one live without a society?..

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