The Social Structure Theory


Social structure theories in sociological criminology elaborate on the relationship
between criminal behavior and social structures, thus asserting the view that the
disadvantaged economic class positions are chiefly influential in determining criminal
activities (Siegel 1). My interest in the Social Structure Theory is because of the
following reasons. First, the theory combines human social dynamics with the study of
systematic obstacles that lead to aggravated crimes, for instance, class struggle,
community frustrations, and concerted poverty. It also goes ahead to identify most
aspects of economic difficulties, deprived educational resources, lack of vendible skills,
and subcultural values as fundamental causes of criminal behavior in our society. The
Social Structure theory is hence divided into three sub-branches: Social disorganization
theory, culture conflict theory, and strain theory.
Through social disorganization, we can understand how crimes are
interconnected with social pathology issues (National University 1). Thus, an individual's
inclination towards criminal conduct is directly linked with their residential location.
Moreover, the strain theory centers on the schism between socially acceptable goods
and available means of achieving the said goals, which finally results in crime when
persons cannot legitimately prosper.

Finally, the culture theory posits that the root source of criminality originates from
the dissonance of diverse social taught groups as they try to fit into appropriate or
acceptable behavior within the community. I, therefore, see it crucial to study Social
Structure Theory because, through it, we can attain a framework of social interaction, a
factor that is essential in inhibiting criminality. Secondly, the theory delves into changing
social structures, which will aid in the 21 st century deal with main social problems that
cause webbed social relations that disadvantage others, pushing them into crime.

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