reality therapy method

Resistance can be reduced by utilizing a reality therapy method. I must assist patients in seeing that their resistance is not working in their favor. Clients may be asked to describe what other individuals in their surroundings are doing to them, such as being oppressed, rejected, and controlled. Secondly, allowing change to develop on its own is another method to minimize client resistance. When a counselor starts a therapeutic relationship and forces clients to change before they are ready, resistance is likely to arise. It is important to slow down when you face resistance.

I will incorporate the Central purpose concept, which identifies the level of health that the nurse wants to achieve for her patient. I am more reserved. I must differentiate between drug desire and pain alleviation when dealing with possibly drug-seeking patients.  It’s difficult and sensitive to stand firm in the face of patient demands. To find balance with demanding patients, I will require other staff members’ assistance and build on strong communication with the patient.

Identifying and embracing my feelings is a crucial first step toward emotional intelligence. It’s critical to recognize my potential weaknesses. Also, it is important to recognize patients’ emotions to maintain a professional demeanor. I will examine the root of the patient’s emotions by listening to them. As a result, I will be able to offer realistic ideas for a successful outcome.

First, I will examine the patient’s latest recent entries in the medical records. Secondly, I will conduct a thorough physical examination. If the diagnostic picture changes or the patient does not react to treatment, I will be open to modifying the initial diagnosis. There may be unresolved concerns that need to be checked, but I may also be seeing the patient for a persistent problem that is not responsive to therapy. Because indications and symptoms can change over time, comparing previous presentations to the current one can help narrow down a diagnosis.


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