juicy fruit chewing gum

Question 1

The current product life cycle of juicy fruit chewing gum is that it was not attracting the teen’s market when it was introduced in the market in the nineties. However, the company (Wrigley Jr) perceived them as the gum’s top demographic. Hence the company found itself under pressure from competitors because sales and market share were not profitable.  However, after conducting a market research survey among teens who consumed the juicy fruit gum, Wrigley and his BBDO ad agency discovered that the teens loved the gum. It has the right amount of sweetness because it is made of natural sweetness.  The marketing research conducted by Wrigley helped the company develop a marketing strategy that involved four television commercials. In return, the commercials attracted 70% of the respondents who recalled the juicy fruit name after watching the commercial, sales rose to 5% at the beginning of the ad campaign, and the juicy fruit market share increased from 4.9% t0 5.3%, which is the biggest gain any established company has ever achieved.

Question 2

When the juicy fruit gum was first introduced to the market, it was a convenient product because teens did not frequently purchase it without much comparison. However, they were the intended demographic customers. Additionally, the product was not a shopping product. It was purchased less frequently because the teen consumers were fixated on carefully comparing the product with other alternatives to gather information, as Wrigley discovered during the market research survey.  However, it became the most sought-after shopping product after the four television commercials. Juicy fruit gum was an unsought product. Even though the consumers knew about it, they did not think about it under normal circumstances until they needed it for sweetness to energize and refresh them.  Fortunately, juicy fruit was a specialty product as it was consumed by certain consumers (teens) on a special purchase effort (the need for sweetness for energy).

Question 3

One of the attributes of the juicy fruit brand is that it is unique. The gum has a certain unique sweetness made from the natural sweetness that attracts customers and distinguishes it from other brands. Secondly, the brand inspired its customers and contemporaries when it used technology to market and promote its products after realizing why the gum was not making sales returns. In the end, they attracted huge clientele and had increased market shares. Lastly, the brand had credibility because it produced products that matched customer expectations. But most importantly, it became the new yardstick to compete with and follow among its competitors after conducting proper marketing.



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