Ottawa Charter for Health Education

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Topic: The introduction of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion in 1986 signalled the beginning of change in the way that health professionals educate and empower individuals and populations. Using the action areas of the Ottawa charter for health promotion and your health promotion project, explain how the concepts of Health Literacy, Health Education and Health Promotion relate to empowerment and ultimately the role of health professionals?

Instructions: Using the Health Promotion program YOU are developing for the Expo Assessment, demonstrate your understanding of how the key Ottawa Charter actions apply in regards to YOUR target population or community. This essay should discuss how health literacy, health education and health promotion contribute to empowering this population and the nurse’s role in providing them.

The use of headings is encouraged in this essay, with the Ottawa Charter actions the most logical choice. Within the discussion around each Ottawa action and how it relates to YOUR program, connections should be made where appropriate, regarding literacy, education and empowerment for YOUR particular target population. For example; if discussing the health literacy of an aged multicultural population that you are targeting for a cardiovascular health promotion program; what plans have you considered to address this in the delivery of your campaign? How might literacy impact the success of your program? What Ottawa Charter action is at work here?

Students should use the marking guide provided to understand the expected standard and quality of work. They must use appropriate resources and reference accordingly, using the university approved referencing style; APA sixth edition. The number of references required for this assessment is a minimum of 10.

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