Expository Stage One Assignment

Select Expository Paper topic. Complete an introduction paragraph and one annotation for academic primary support for Expository Paper assignment.
Please select one topic from the list of prompts below. Next, write a four-eight sentence introduction paragraph of your selected topic/prompt. Finally, include one summary of an academic source that is the primary support for your paper as an annotation. Your completed academic source should be a brief four-six sentence summary paragraph of the selected primary support.
1.Define the term “fundamental attribution error,” and provide an example of this phenomenon that might occur in daily life?
2.A developmental psychologist who used the correlational method found that there was a positive correlation between children’s self-esteem and their academic achievement. First, what does a positive correlation mean in this case? Second, how might these results be explained?
3.Explain the relation between schemas and the self-fulfilling prophecy. Provide a concrete example.
4.Equity theory suggests that partners in a relationship tend to desire equality in terms of what they are giving to and taking from a relationship. Describe how equity occurs between acquaintances, and how it occurs between family members, close friends, or long-term romantic relationships.
5.Because violence is of concern to social psychologists and the public, a great deal of research has focused on the effects of exposure to televised violence on both children and adults. Many studies have found support for social learning theory explanations for the effects of violent television. What are five reasons why television violence contributes to aggressive behavior in children and adults?
6.In a series of studies, Latané and Darley discovered that the greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that any individual will help. Why is that?
7.Are school shootings such as the Columbine massacre simply the result of deranged individuals acting independently? What does social psychology suggest about why school shootings occur and about how the problem might be addressed?
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