Your patient is Kelly a 17-year-old athletic female.


Your patient is Kelly a 17-year-old athletic female. Kelly is on the swim and rugby team. She has recently been diagnosed with Asthma and is concerned that it will affect her social life. She states that she needs to get a sport’s scholarship if she hopes to be able to attend university. Kelly’s parents are unable to afford to pay tuition as they have recently moved to Brampton from Newfoundland. They moved here so Kelly would be able to have opportunities they did not have.

  • Research the problem/condition described
  • Formulate a comprehensive nursing care plan for the client based on the described condition/issue -3 diagnosis must be considered of these one will be chosen to follow through Please make sure you identify your primary diagnosis on the care plan
  • Formulate a Nursing Care Plan
    • Research the problem/condition-show researched the condition sufficiently


Researching the problem/condition is to inform your Nursing Care Plan so be sure to do the following:

  • State the background of the problem/condition, review information on incidence, risk factors, treatment, why it happens, how it happens, prognosis, cultural, lifespan and implications to the family unit etc.
  • Include this information (as appropriate) in your Nursing Care Plan
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