As trusted professionals, APRNs face complex challenges that may involve ethical issues.

 As trusted professionals, APRNs face complex challenges that may involve ethical issues. Our patients and their families often look to us to provide guidance related to their health and which, at times, may cross clinical and legal boundaries. Situations such as guiding a patient or family with values and cultures different than yours, advocating for children with parents with limited resources, protecting patients who may be vulnerable, and caring for their elderly parents are scenarios that may challenge the APRN with serious ethical challenges. Consider the scenario below and address your discussion based on the ethical principles of autonomy and beneficence. There are no correct answers, but there are parameters to guide your discussion within each of the two ethical principles. You may need to consider what additional information you need to support your decision, what legal barriers, if any, prevent or ensure Mr. Parker from making his own decisions. Please make sure you address the concerns when writing your paper. Please limit your paper to 2 pages and your peer reviewed references to a minimum 2 articles. SCENARIO: Mr. Parker, a well-established 57 year old male patient with developmental delays since birth is being seen in the primary care office where you work for blood work ordered by the oncologist. Mr. Parker is being treated for prostate cancer that has recently returned after radical surgery and chemotherapy. During the course of the visit Mr. Parker tells you that he wants to stop his cancer treatment. He reports that he’s tired and has thought about this for a while. He states, “my mama is in heaven and I want to be there to.” In your chart review you learn that Mr. Parker has lived for the last 18 years in a sheltered home for men with disabilities, works everyday in a sheltered work shop, and manages his own money with guidance from the house counselors. Mr. Parker does not drive. He has a brother who is his legal guardian. You are asked by the collaborative physician to review the ethical arguments for and against granting Mr. Parker’s request.
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