Time Management  3 Tools Evaluation

Time Management  3 Tools Evaluation – Total of 3 tools – minimum 2 Full Pages

Research current tools available for family or personal time management, scheduling or tracking. Consider tools that would be most beneficial to you in your current stage of life/family. Identify, try and evaluate three tools. Tools might include computer programs for tracking time/productivity, calendaring software, paper tools or mobile phone apps.

Not sure where to start in finding tools? Begin by googling “Time management tools” or “time management apps”

Here’s one list to get you started  Links to an external site.… but don’t limit yourself to what’s on here!   https://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/top-15-time-management-apps-and-tools.html


In your paper consider the following:  

  1. Stage of life/family (this can be any stage that you wish to research further). Include key things to know about this stage of life/family that could apply to time management needs (based on theory)
    2. What you might need in terms of tools. What type of time needs to be tracked?
    For each of the three tools:

Include URLs, screenshots, photos, Links to an external site.and a description of the tool and what it does.

  • Try the tool out. Experiment with it. You may need to ask a friend/family member to also try the tool if experimenting with a tool where you share information.
  • What is the cost of the tool? If it isn’t free, is there a trial?
  • What are the features of the tool? How do the features of this tool compare to the other tools?
  • Who is this tool marketed to? (corporate, family, individuals, etc.)
  • Based on what you know about the stage of life, how well do these tools meet the needs of that stage? How practical are they? How user friendly?
  • Did you personally find the tools helpful? Why or why not? Would you see yourself using them or recommending them?

Paper format:  

  • Include references for the 3 tools (APA format) and at least 1 citation about stage of life/family.
  • Use headings to make each feature/concept clear.
  • Paper may include a table addressing the features or be written as a narrative, based on writer preferences.
  • Length- answer all the questions! Be thorough in your research of the tools and analysis.
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