Consider multi-agency working, communication and collaboration when working with other people with chronic disease.

Task One:
Produce an essay which discusses the following:

1) Explain how you can support older people with chronic disease using a multi-agency approach and consider the benefits of this to staff and service user. (750 words)

2) Discuss the importance of collaboration in supporting the service user and explore how to work as an effective team member. (750 words)

3) Reflect on the practitioner’s role in communicating and collaborating effectively with the service user, their families and the care teams. (750 words)

Task 2
Provide a written reflection on a critical incident in your workplace setting where you have demonstrated the ability to transfer good practice to others.
Consider how this good practice might support service users such as adults with chronic disease – 750 words

Total words 3000

Minimum of 7 intext sitation per question

References – AU Harvard system

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