Kodi’s Food Store for All

Kodi’s Food Store for All is a new food store business that is focusing on providing high quality and healthy food to everyone across the country despite their financial status. This means that Kodi’s Food Store for All will ensure that consumers from diverse demographics and socio-economic status will afford high-quality food products from the store conveniently. Kodi’s Food Store will offer the consumers with a combination of high quality, authentic, and hard to access food items. Therefore, the mission of Kodi’s Food Store for All is to offer high quality and healthy food to everyone across the country and become an established leader in the target market for offering retail food products at a reasonable price. Kodi’s Food Store for All will connect with international suppliers and local farmers to obtain high quality and healthy food products as well as offer the consumers with a combination of a wide variety of food items and shopping locally.

SWOT Analysis


  • Good Performance in new markets- Kodi’s Food Store for All has built expertise in accessing new markets and being successful in them.
  • High level of consumer satisfaction- The food store has ensured that it offers high quality and healthy food products to the consumers to achieve a high level of consumer satisfaction among the potential and current customers.
  • Good Brand equity- Kodi’s Food Store for All is dedicated to building good customer relationships to be considered as a unique and strong brand.
  • Reliable Suppliers- Kodi’s Food Store for All has connected with local farmers and international suppliers thus building a strong supplier base enabling the business to overcome the supply chain bottlenecks.


  • Kodi’s Food Store for All is not able to tackle the current challenges presented by the new entrants thus losing small market share.
  • Investment in Development and Research is below the fastest growing players. This means that Kodi’s Food Store for All has not been able to compete effectively in terms of technology and innovation in the food retail store.
  • Reliance on American Markets- Kodi’s Food Store for All is vulnerable since it only relies on the American markets. Therefore, it does not offer sustainability if the American market collapses.


  • New sales channel from online channels has opened up a new opportunity for Kodi’s Food Store for All to serve a large consumer market through both physical stores and online channels.
  • Reduced transportation costs will lower the shipping cost thus bringing down the cost of products and offering benefits to the consumers as well as increase the market share.
  • Increased consumer spending- This will enable Kodi’s Food Store for All to capture new consumers and boost the market share.
  • International Expansion- Globalization will allow the food store to diversify and acquire more consumers which is a potential booster for the store’s revenue.


  • Local retail stores are growing which presents a threat in some markets due to high competition.
  • Kodi’s Food Store for All may face counterfeit, imitation, and low-quality product threat in low-income markets.

Products and Services

Kodi’s Food Store for All will offer the consumers with locally grown and organic produce, preservative-free groceries, and eco-household products. All the products will be healthy alternatives that will be available at the food store. The products are free of chemical additives, artificial preservatives, and artificial colors. For instance, Kodi’s Food Store for All will offer consumers with the freshest as well as originally grown vegetables and fruits. There will be a wide variety of local, organic, and seasonal vegetables, cereals, and fruits such as apples, spinach, grapes, peaches, strawberries, celery, potatoes, peas, tomatoes, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, cabbage, bell peppers, and cherries.


Kodi’s Food Store for All will have various stores located within the United States to ensure convenience and easy accessibility. Considerably, a good location is essential in building a long term benefit to the store since it attracts more consumers to the outlet. The stores will be located in urban and suburban cities which include New York, Houston, Chicago, Alabama, Mc Mullen, Nevada, New Mexico, and Georgia. These will ensure that all consumers have easy access to affordable stores.


Management needs

Effective management of a food store successfully entails considerable responsibility. The management has to ensure that the store is running smoothly, the consumers are satisfied and the items are priced competitively. Understanding these key concepts will ensure effective management of the food store as well as the success of the store. Kodi’s Food Store for All will require two managers who will be responsible for operations in all the retail stores. One manager will be responsible for the daily operations, merchandising, and staffing while the other will be responsible for stocking, product offering as well as bookkeeping. For instance, the manager in charge of operations has to make merchandising a focus in their duties to boost sales. The displays are required to be visually appealing and the products that the store wants to push are set at an eye level.

Personnel needs

Every store will have both the administrative and operations staff to facilitate the success of the store operations. The operations staff will include two produce staff and one customer service staff while the administrative staff will include an accountant and two sales and marketing staff. Therefore, the total number of staff in every store will be six but more employees will be scheduled and paid on an hourly basis to ensure that the key functions such as stocking, loading, and offloading have been conducted.

Accounting and Legal needs

Kodi’s Food Store for All will require an accounting software program to record financial transactions. This program will allow the accountant to record transactions while the managers will rely on the program to track inventory, manage payrolls, operating expenses, and sales. The accountant to be hired will be required to have a background in finance and can satisfy occasional accounting needs as well as the financial duties linked to the store. The legal requirements to start a food store include a business license, non-disclosure agreement, certificate of incorporation, employee agreement, and insurance policy. Since the business will sell and store food products it will be required to register with the local environmental health department to inspect the store and help in complying with the Food Safety Act.

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