Role of the God’s Kingdom in New Testament Teaching

  1. Role of the God’s Kingdom in New Testament Teaching

A short outline of Jesus’ inspiring news on the kingdom of God as recorded in the book of Matthew. Farnell (2012) notes in his piece that salvation is portrayed as the truth of God’s Kingdom. In Matthew 6:33, it indicates that the term nobility can either be understood as relating to the Kingdom of God or God, for recognizing that honesty is reliably found in the Kingdom of God while being in the newness of insightful life. One ought to avoid worrying about nourishment as well as garments; in this way, one must first look for the God’s Kingdom. The scripture of Matthew 12:28 depicts the power of Holy Spirit by casting out the devil’s manifestation from the head man therefore demonstrating the existence of God’s Kingdom in Jesus’ happening upon the head. In Matthew 19:24, quotes Jesus by saying, I reveal to your reality got the believers’ attention that He was going to express something of uncommon worth. Just when Jesus expressed, it is all the more tirelessly for a opulent man to enter God’s Kingdom, He was using the image of the greatest animal in Palestine, a camel, going through a slight opening demonstrated an image of bizarre occurrences that can only be made possible by an ideal phenomenon. The picture depicted by Jesus is that all that is thought to be impossible is viable in the Most High’s Kingdom. Devoid of God’s Kingdom in the life of human, it makes it difficult for one to be secure. Even after embarking on the journey of salvation, Christians’ passage into God’s Kingdom may be shunned.

  1. Doctrine of Justification by Faith

Our account before God’s presence is apart from any good deeds that we have accomplished. This is for the reason that any deeds short of faith are not good in God’s sight. Jesus bears the grant of our sins for humankind to be justified and ought to receive that payment by having faith in His completed work, death and life. Owen (2016) states that Independence is a notable norm in Paul’s religious view of profession by confidence. In Romans 3:20, defence by compliance to the law’s prerequisites cannot be gained by any individual. Consequently, at no time was the law foreordained to be a means of gaining salvation, yet the basic role of the decree was uncovering sins therefore signifying the requirements for exemplary nature. In Roman 3:24, suggests that Christians acknowledged being ideal and in that way, the judge considers the believers as not being liable because Jesus died for man on the cross. According to Roman 5:9, through Jesus Christ, no commitment of anger remains for the people that have been declared praiseworthy will be pardoned from God’s rage. In Romans 8:30 it says that all that were chosen were called to Him. Those that He called upon, He made right with Himself. At that point He imparted His sparkling enormity to those He made right with Himself. This is a sovereign call pulling man closer to existence with Jesus. Encouraged by Jesus pronouncements, the criminals are honest because Jesus perished on the cross for the sins of man. In addition, Glorification is regarded as the last phase of humankind salvation, as it was of great importance as it signified one’s entry into God’s Kingdom. Romans 10:10, for it is with your soul that you trust and are vindicated, and with your mouth that you acknowledge your faith and are saved.

  1. Doctrine of the Perseverance of Saints

Before acknowledging that one believes in the doctrine of the perseverance of saints, one ought to understand what it entails. Perseverance of saints is generally a Christian teaching that proclaims once an individual is born again by the power of the Holy Spirit, no other thing on earth shall be able to detach them from God’s love. I do believe in the doctrine of the perseverance of saints as the scripture says persons that are born again shall forever trust in Jesus. God, through the strength of the Holy Spirit preserves those that that believe in Him forever.  According to the book of Ephesians 1:13-14, it states that devotees are wrapped by the holy spirit of assurance that guarantees our heritage until the reclamation of the purchase possession, in acclaim of His praise. Once born again, man is promised of the indwelling manifestation of the Holy spirit that the Most High guarantee’s us that He that started virtuous work in us will fulfil it(Philippians 1:6). In order for man to elude salvation after accepting the Holy Spirit, the promise by Most High would have to be broken or else back out on His guarantee. Hence, I believe that any devotee is secured perpetually because God is forever faithful. Because of God’s irreplaceable affection for His children, He will secure all flock from harm as well as Jesus promises never to lose any of His sheep and Christians are everlastingly protected because God preserves them as they are. In Romans 8:38-39, it states that none can charge against God’s chosen people, none can separate God’s chosen people from His love and all that God saves will be glorified.


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