Visit the HCC library, either on campus or online. Choose an article that interests you from a scientific magazine or journal.

Paper details

1) DUE DATE: refer to due date on syllabus
• You must turn in your work in person. Email submissions will not be accepted.
• Every student MUST fulfill this requirement to pass the course.

2) Visit the HCC library, either on campus or online. Choose an article that interests you from a scientific magazine or journal. The magazine/journal and article do not have to be about physics, but you have to be able to relate the article to physics. If you need help finding resources, please see a librarian or ask me for help. Print a copy of the article.

3) Write a paper discussing the article and how it is related to one or more topics in physics.
a) Include a title
b) What is the article about? Briefly summarize the article.
c) What is the general physics topic(s) that is either discussed in the article, or that can be related to the article?
• Include the relevant chapter title(s). (Chapter 4: The Laws of Motion, Chapter 5: Energy etc.)
d) What specific physics principle(s) relate to the article? (free-fall, conservation of momentum, etc.)
• Explain how the article relates to the physics principle(s).
• Be as detailed and specific as possible.
• Include equations in your explanation.
e) Use proper grammar and check your work for spelling errors.
f) Include quotation marks and citations within the paper as appropriate.
g) Include a proper citation of the article and of your textbook (along with any other resources used, if applicable) at the end of the paper. Don’t include the citations as part of the minimum word count.
h) Include your name and word count at the top of the paper.
• Minimum word count: 500 words
i) Attach a printed copy of the article to your paper.

4) The Writing Commons, part of the Academic Success Center, provides students with writing and research assistance. It is located on the second floor of the library (DLRC 208).

5) Plagiarized work will receive a failing grade.

Chapters of the class that the article can be related:

Ch.1 The Nature of Science and Physics
Ch.2 Kinematics
Ch.3 Two-dimensional Kinematics
Ch.4 Dynamics: Newton’s Laws of Motion
Ch.5 Further Applications of Newton’s Laws: Friction, Drag & Elasticity.
Ch.6 Uniform Circular MOtion & Gravitation
Ch.7 Work, Energy, & Energy Resources

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To whom may concern,

I just uploaded the article. I chose it randomly so I don’t really know to what Chapter of the class content it is related to. I encourage the writer to find that out. Best of lucks and again thank you for your help.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support team 24/7.

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