Identify an entrepreneurial firm that has expanded internationally

The assessment consists of an individually written case study of 3,000 words (maximum). The theme
for the case study is ‘Identify an entrepreneurial firm that has expanded internationally. Critically
evaluate its growth strategies.’
SEMESTER 1 2018/19
Faculty of Business, Law & Art
You are not expected to conduct primary research (i.e. interviews with individual
entrepreneurs/firms), but you should gather the information about the business venturing process and
the venture from the books, journals, newspapers, business magazines and the Internet.
The submission deadline for this assignment is 10 January 2019. Any delayed paper will be subject
to the standard late submission penalties. This is an individual piece of work. You are advised to carry
out your research independently of other students. Papers that demonstrate cheating and plagiarism
will be penalised according to the university regulations (Please read very carefully the Academic
Integrity Statement, of your Student Handbook).
Nature of Assessment: This is a SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT. See ‘Weighting’ section above for the percentage that this
assignment counts towards your final module mark.
Word Limit: +/-10% either side of the word count (see above) is deemed to be acceptable. Any text that exceeds an
additional 10% will not attract any marks. The relevant word count includes items such as cover page, executive
summary, title page, table of contents, tables, figures, in-text citations and section headings, if used. The relevant word
count excludes your list of references and any appendices at the end of your coursework submission.
You should always include the word count (from Microsoft Word, not Turnitin), at the end of your coursework
submission, before your list of references.
Title/Cover Page: You must include a title/ cover page that includes: your Student ID, Module Code, Assignment Title,
Word Count. This assignment will be marked anonymously, please ensure that your name does not appear on any part
of your assignment.
References: You should use the Harvard style to reference your assignment. The library provide guidance on how to
reference in the Harvard style and this is available from:
Submission Deadline: Please note that the submission deadline for Southampton Business School is 16.00 for ALL
Turnitin Submission: The assignment MUST be submitted electronically via Turnitin, which is accessed via the individual
module on Blackboard. Further guidance on submitting assignments is available on the Blackboard support pages.
It is important that you allow enough time prior to the submission deadline to ensure your submission is processed on
time as all late submissions are subject to a late penalty. We would recommend you allow 30 minutes to upload your
work and check the submission has been processed and is correct. Please make sure you submit to the correct
assignment link.
You will know that your submission has completed successfully when you see a message stating ‘Congratulations –
your submission is complete…’. It is vital that you make a note of your Submission ID (Digital Receipt Number). This is a unique receipt number for your submission, and is proof of successful submission. You may be required to provide this number at a later date. We recommend that you take a screenshot of this page, or note the number down on a piece of paper. You should also receive an email receipt containing this number, and the number can be found after submitting by following this guide. This method of checking your submission is particularly useful in the event that you don’t receive an email receipt.
You are allowed to test submit your assignment via Turnitin before the due date. You can use Turnitin to check your
assignment for plagiarism before you submit your final version. See “Viewing Your Originality Report” for guidance.
Please see the Module Leader/lecturer on your module if you would like advice on the Turnitin Originality report.

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