Literature Review

Your topic, briefly (you might want to draw from your executive summary here)
Why did you choose this topic? How do you relate to it? How did the topic change through the process of researching/writing the literature review?
What were your biases or expectations of what you’d find in terms of research and argument? Did you have any pre-conceived notions or ideas that framed your research?
Where were you surprised by what you found?
What were the challenges (other than having enough time)? Where did you get stuck?
What, in the process of the proposal, the first draft, the research, and the writing of this paper, worked well?
What research resonated, and what did you find that surprised you? What kind of biases did you identify?
What did you learn, how did you use your critical thinking skills throughout this process? What aspects of the course were relevant to this research adventure?
How did your biases (please identify) affect your research?
What were your conclusions?

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