Research Paper-Social Justice and Racial Inequality (1000 words)

Area of Interest: Social Justice and Racial Inequality

How professional sports have band together to bring awareness about social Justice and racial inequality? What strategic communication theories have been applied? And, how do the issues correlate with faith?

  • Build a paper opener (i.e. Introduction) which paints a picture of why your area of interest is significant and relevant to the Strategic Communication Community (2-3 paragraphs).
  • Then the Introduction of the paper should have a final paragraph which displays the papers purpose (i.e. actually state, “The purpose of this paper is to explore….”) and develop into a thesis statement that would summarize the nature of your research.
  • Finally, the student should formally write a RQ (i.e. Research Question) which should emerge from the introduction and purpose statement. Students should look in the APA manual about how to display a research question in a research paper.

The paper should be in formal APA writing, featuring a cover page (maybe consider a quip title?), running header, page numbers, citations, references, etc.


Identify two to three scholarly resources, in addition to this Module’s readings, that evaluate the impact of leadership behaviors in creating healthy work environments.
Reflect on the leadership behaviors presented in the three resources that you selected for review.
Reflect on your results of the CliftonStrengths Assessment, and consider how the results relate to your leadership traits.

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