Apply Organizational Analysis: Wells Fargo and Company (800 words)

Apply Organizational Analysis

Part 1: Organization Information


Wells Fargo & Company is one of America’s most prominent contributors to financial services. The company is recognized for delivering many financial services to businesses and retail banking. Several other services offered by Wells Fargo include investment, mortgage, agricultural, credit cards, personal and student loans, and ATM.  The company serves its customers and clients from local banking locations and internet banking. The company is present across North America, Europe, UAE, and Asia, but its headquarters is in San Francisco, California. As a result of the full range of services offered by the company, it belongs to three different industries: banking, financial services, and insurance (Wells Fargo, 2019).

Mission and Vision


Mission “Helping customers succeed financially” (Wells Fargo, 2019).
Vision “To satisfy our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially” (Wells Fargo, 2019).


Organizational initiatives

Enhancing risk management: To support this initiative, the control of the company

continues to find new ways of improving the organization’s risk management programs. The

main goal of this initiative is to enable the company to remain an industry leader in market,

credit, and liquidity risk management. Over the last few years, Wells Fargo & Company has been

implementing plans to build and improve its compliance and operational risk management

systems to levels that match its business, strategies, and organizational structure. Management-

level governance committee oversight, structures, controls, and monitoring continue to be

enhanced to achieve this corporate initiative.

Meeting regulatory expectations: With changes in government and industry regulations, the company strives to satisfy all the regulatory expectations and the requirements of the regulators in its three industries. Wells Fargo & Company continues to enhance its risk and reporting systems to match the heightened supervisory expectations for financial institutions and the achievement of its industry leadership in risk management goals. The company also engages in open and frequent communication with all regulators about its progress and what needs to be improved to meet new regulatory expectations.

Organizational Plans

Wells Fargo Plan Description Wells Fargo Manager
Strategic Plan Strategic planning involves the identification of the existing opportunities and challenges, development of options that can be taken to address them, assessment of the risk and trade-offs of each option, and the making of decisions on which choices to make, in the form of a three-year strategic plan (Wells Fargo & Company, 2019) Top-Level Managers



Capital management planning involves a comprehensive Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) that assesses the company’s capital adequacy concerning its risk appetite and risk profile (Wells Fargo & Company, 2019). Exposure to risk is assessed, and the capital resources available to cushion the company from potential losses identified. Capital Planning Managers
Recovery Plan Recovery planning identifies any triggers and options available for response to various internal and external stress eventualities to restore the company to financial strength and viability within the shortest possible time (Wells Fargo & Company, 2019). It includes the identification of warning signs that indicate impending stress scenarios, the company’s legal entity structure, options, that the organization can undertake to restore viability and financial strength, and the responsibilities of all leaders and the board during such scenarios and response. Top and Mid-level Managers.


SWOT Analysis

Internal Factors Strengths

§  Strong market position in the United States

§  Strong growth in interest income


§  Lawsuits and penalties affect the company’s profit

External Factors Opportunities

§  Services diversification and differentiation

§  Positive outlook for the United States retail lending industry

§  Positive outlook for global investment banking and brokerage industry (MarketLine, 2019)


§  Competitive pressure

§  Cybersecurity risks

§  Increase regulatory challenges (MarketLine, 2019)



The company’s mission and vision are effective in motivating its employees and instilling hope in other stakeholders. The purpose and vision also meet the current needs of the company. The SWOT analysis identifies the various opportunities that the company should take advantage of to improve its performance and overcome the threats that if faces. According to the SWOT analysis (2019), Wells Fargo & Company has an exceptional prospect worth manipulating diversification and differentiation of its products through the combination of new technology. While the company has a competitive advantage in the United States market, as a result of its comprehensive service offering and good reputation, the company has been facing various fraud scandals and lawsuits. To overcome the damage done by its reputation, the management should develop an effective and comprehensive plan that will enable the organization to take advantage of the latest technology and diversify operations to reach a broader, more diverse market. This will ensure that the company maximizes customer experiences and satisfaction, realize corporate growth through project diversification and differentiation, and regain its reputation and image. 


Wells Fargo (2019).

MarketLine. (2019). Wells Fargo & Company – Strategy, SWOT and Corporate

Finance Report.


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