Saline an example of which of the following solutions?b.Hyposmotic solutionc.Isotonic solution

6- Saline an example of which of the following solutions?b. Hyposmotic solutionc. Isotonic solution

a. Hyperosmotic solution

10- What is a catalyst?

a. A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction but is not consumed by the reaction.

b. A catalyst can participate either physically or chemically in a chemical reaction but ends up in the same form that it started.

c. A catalyst acts by lowering the Activation Energy needed to start the chemical reaction.

d. All the above.

11- Which of the following elements would make good artificial catalysts?

a. Ni, Pd, Ti,

b. O, Fl, N

c. Na, K, Ca

d. None of the above

12- Which of the following act as a catalysts in the human body?

a. DNA

b. Lipids

c. Carbohydrates

d. Enzymes

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