Margaret, a 72-year-old client admitted to a surgical floor, is pulling out her NG-tube.

Margaret, a 72-year-old client admitted to a surgical floor, is pulling out her NG-tube. The health care aide informs the nurse, Keith, that Margaret has pulled out her tube again, and offers to help restrain her so that Keith can reinsert the tube. What is the first step Keith should take before reinserting the NG-tube?

Question 2

Your well older adult client is unable to control her diabetes with diet alone and must take a pill each day to help manage her diabetes as well as daily blood sugar levels.
She is able to upload her blood sugar levels to an online program that is accessible to her physician for review and trending. This is an example of which principle of
primary health care?

Question 3
Primary Health Care is considered to be:

Question 4
What do the Alma-Ata Declaration, the Ottawa Charter for Health, and the Jakarta declaration have in common?
Question 5
The Belleville Nurse Practitioner Clinic has a board of directors composed of members from the local community as well as health care professionals. The board is an example of the
principle of primary health care.
When visiting your grandmother over the Christmas break, you discover that she has just been diagnosed with diabetes that can be controlled by reducing the sugar in her
diet. She would like to attend the nutrition class which is held at the local hospital for people who have been newly diagnosed with diabetes. However, she does not drive
and bus service is limited in her area of the city. Her ability to influence her health is affected by which principle of primary health care?
Question 7

The comprehensiveness principle in the Canada Health Act means that
Question 8
Florence Nightingale might have proposed that factors affecting both external (e.g., clean air) and internal (e.g., intake of food and fluids) would be most related to which
metaparadigm concept?
Question 9

Holding a public demonstration at Queen’s Park in Toronto to advocate for better working conditions in long term care facilities is an example of what level of political
Question 10

A nurse has observed that several of the practice errors on a hospital unit can be attributed to a lack of resources and unacceptable working conditions for nurses. The
nurse should become involved in what nursing organization in order to
working conditions

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