Question and Answer: What concerns pollsters in regards to telephone polling?

What concerns pollsters in regards to telephone polling?

a. Increasingly, Americans are not buying cellular phones.

b. The refusal rate for Buddhist Americans is disproportionately high.

c. Telephones are shared in households.

d. The refusal rate has increased sharply in recent decades. 

2. In Zaller’s The Nature and Origins of Mass Opinion, which is NOT a proposed premise about citizens and public opinion as they relate to politics?

a. Individuals differ substantially in their attention to politics

b. People react critically to political communication only when they know about politics

c. People rarely have fixed attitudes on specific issues

d. The majority of Americans actively disdain politics and don’t follow the news

3. How are scientific polls better to conduct than “people-in-the-street” interviews (aka straw polls) or opt-in internet surveys?

a. Scientific polls offer more questions; the greater the number of questions, the more accurate the results.

b. Scientific polls select subjects randomly; this prevents biased samples and results.

c. Scientific polls are quicker; faster polls reduce respondent fatigue and allow more people to be polled.

d. Scientific polls are significant cheaper than polls conducted by private organizations, like news networks

4. Some Americans believe that government should use its power to help the economically disadvantaged. Such individuals can be labeled as. . .

a. Economic Conservatives.

b. Social Liberals.

c. Social Conservatives.

d. Economic Liberals. 

5. Define Ideology.

a. the belief that one’s own religious views are better than others.

b. a general belief about the role and purpose of government.

c. believing that one political party is better than the other.

d. the belief that economic liberals are more politically aware than economic conservatives.

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