Internal Management Report

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Internal Management Report

Prepare an executive level report related to the target acquisition company’s financial and operational strengths and weaknesses that addresses the acquiring company’s internal management team. Key words: synergistic, opportunistic, and financial.Report on what your research into the target company’s current financial and operating status is (this should include a financial statement review and examination of the footnotes in the annual report) and report it your executive team and any key internal personnel. There should also be some consideration into how what is discovered makes the target a good (or bad) acquisition at this time.External Stakeholders Report

  • Prepare an executive level report related to the target acquisition company’s financial and operational strengths and weaknesses that addresses the acquiring company’s external stakeholders. Key words: synergistic, opportunistic, and financial.This should reflect much of the information gathered in for the internal management report, but it needs to be tailored to fit the parent company’s external stakeholders.
  • Use the attached attaching Outline

Company is Starbucks aquiring Dunkin’ Brands

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