Business Questions-Research and development and its relationship with the organisation’s innovation

According to Francis Bacon, “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” What does this have to do with technology and innovation? What does it have to do with competitive advantage?

Case Study:

Innovation and Technology Management Assessment 3 Topic: Case Study Assignment Submission: Assessment Details:

Choose an IT/IS technology company and analyse, discuss and present their technological innovation:

● The core business activity and the role of innovation in their value proposition.

● How innovation is making this business different than competitors?

● Research and development and its relationship with the organisation’s innovation.

● What factors affected the firm’s innovation success? Is their innovation a “science push” or “demand-pull”?

● What’s the firm’s innovation category? What type of innovation does the firm propose? Explain the innovation type from different aspects of innovation type.

● Study the firm’s technology S-Curve. What is the stage of this business on the S- Curve?

● How successful the firm has been in utilising innovation in its own advantage? Make sure your report is written based on the guideline of assessment 3 in the Course Guideline

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