The Association (ANA’s) Code of Ethics provisions

  • Pick one (1) of the American Nurses Association (ANA’s) Code of Ethics provisions (as listed below) and provide an example of the chosen provision that you observed while watching The American Nurse film in week 3. 
  • Then, evaluate your own practice as a nurse and provide an example of how your practice reflects the chosen ANA provision.
  • Then, part 2, review the MA Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies and write to which of the competencies you believe is best illustrated by one of the nurses in the American Nurse film.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) has a Code of Ethics that provides standards for professional nursing practice across all settings and roles. The Code accompanies an introductory document, Standards for Ethics and Scope of Practice , which further defines the ethical principles included in the code.

The code has six central principles: caring, courage, integrity, justice, stewardship and wellness.  There are over forty standards of professional nursing practice which are also laid out in the document.

A summary is provided below with full details available at the ANA website .   

1. Caring : “Nurses respect the dignity and worth of all people, emphasize holistic care, work to improve health outcomes , advocate for social justice , and maintain competence.” (ANA)

Action:  “Provide compassionate care based on the understanding that individuals have different needs that require flexibility.” (ANA)

  Standards of Ethical Practice for Nurses in Organizational Settings 2. Courage : “Nurses act independently , advocate for patient safety , embrace opportunities for advancement, and accept responsibility for their actions.” (ANA)

Action:  “When nurses make judgments about care or act in the patient’s best interest when there is conflict with practice or institutional requirements, they advocate courageously .” (ANA)

  Standards of Ethical Practice for Nurses in Organizational Settings 3. Integrity : “Nurses understand that honesty and truthfulness are essential to establishing trust in professional relationships; they speak out about unsafe practices, violations of the code of ethics , or misconduct that endangers patients or others.” (ANA) Action:  “Speak up about unsafe practice by contacting an appropriate authority to prevent harm if required action has not already been taken.” (ANA)

  Standards of Ethical Practice for Nurses in Organizational Settings (ANA) 4. Justice : “Nurses respect and promote human and civil rights , provide quality nursing care, and advocate for fair allocation of resources.” (ANA)

Action:  “Promote human and civil rights by initiating or participating in activities that further social justice .” (ANA)

  Standards of Ethical Practice for Nurses in Organizational Settings 5. Stewardship : “As responsible members of society, nurses protect public health , safety, and welfare; conserve natural resources ; and manage the environment to minimize damage.” (ANA)

Action:  “Use appropriate measures to prevent and control disease when there is a threat to public health .” (ANA)

  Standards of Ethical Practice for Nurses in Organizational Settings 6. Wellness : “Nurses understand the importance of self-care and wellness to provide quality patient care; they support the health and wellness of their families, colleagues, and communities.” (ANA)

Action:  “Promote personal health by practicing healthy behaviors (e.g., exercise, good nutrition , stress reduction ), consuming alcohol in moderation if permitted by law, maintaining safe use of medications , preventing disease transmission, and protecting oneself from occupational risks.”

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