Work Break Down Structure for WESU Concert

Your roommate is about to submit a scope statement for a spring concert sponsored by the entertainment council at Western Evergreen State University (WESU). WESU is a residential university with over 22,000 students. This will be the first time in six years since WESU sponsored a spring concert. The entertainment council has budgeted $40,000 for the project. The event is to occur on June 5th. Since your roommate knows you are taking a class on project management she has asked you to review her scope statement.  She considers the concert a resume-building experience and wants to be as professional as possible. Below is a draft of her scope statement.

Project Objective

To organize and deliver a 6-hour music concert.


  • Concert security
  • Contact local newspapers and radio stations
  • Separate beer garden
  • Six hours of music entertainment
  • Design a commemorative concert t-shirt
  • Local sponsors
  • Food venues
  • Event insurance
  • Safe environment
  • Secure all permissions and approvals
  • Sign big-name artist
  • Contact secondary artists
  • Secure vendor contracts
  • Advertising campaign
  • Plan set up
  • Concert
  • Clean up

Limits and Exclusions

  • Seating capacity for 8000 students
  • Performers are responsible for travel arrangements to and from WESU
  • Performers must provide their own liability insurance
  • Performers and security personnel will be provided with lunch and dinner on the day of the concert
  • Vendors contribute 25 percent of sales to concert fund
  • Concert must finish by 12:15 am

Assumptions and Constraints

  • Professional sound stage and system
  • Minimum 5 performing acts
  • Restroom facilities for attendees
  • Parking available for 2000 cars
  • Compliance with WESU and municipal by laws

Customer Review: WESU

Create table work break down for the above scope Statement

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