Sport and exercise Psychology

Choose ONE (1) journal article for this assignment. You will need to summarize the journal article following the guidelines outlined in this handout. The article should be no more than 5 years old. The summary should be about two to three pages. The summary should be double-spaced and use 12-point font. You will also need to turn in a copy of the original article with your summary (provide either the link directly to the article or a copy of the full article with your summary). 

Sport and exercise Psychology is a field in Sport and Exercise Science which aims to study how psychological factors influence exercise. Sport scientists that work in this area of Sport and Exercise Science are Sport and Exercise Psychologists or Sport Psychologists .

In Sport and Exercise Psychology the goal is to improve an athlete’s mental state, such as their confidence, motivation levels, concentration levels etc. Sport psychologists may do this by teaching athletes relaxation strategies or talking through past experiences with them. Sport psychologists also help people learn about what sport is best for them, many different sports can be performed by anyone but it depends on a person’s individual preference. There are five key areas in Sport Psychology: attitude towards a sport, self-confidence level , imagery (visualizing performance), arousal regulation and motivation level. Sport psychologists are mainly employed by Sport Organizations, Sport Coaches or Sport Clubs to help their athletes with mental training in order to improve the athlete’s mental state. Sport psychology is also used to treat people who have psychological disorders that affect them performing daily activities, such as problems with concentration, stress levels or depression. Sport psychologists can be found working in Universities or external organizations where they work with Sport Scientists.

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