Read the following scenarios, and for each one list at least one likely consequence of the worker’s actions for both the patient and the medical practitioner or the medical clinic.

Scenario 1

 Mrs. McLennan, an eighty-year-old patient, is about the see Doctor Chang. Mrs. McLennan has been a patient of the clinic for a number of years. Susie, the new medical office worker, is unable to find Mrs. McLennan’s file. Unfortunately, the computer system is down, so no information can be accessed about Mrs. McLennan’s medical history.

Scenario 2

 Dr. Jeffries is about to see Jonathon Sunderland. The medical office worker gives the file has Dr. Jeffries Jonathon Sutherland’s file in error Dr. Jeffries does not notice the error.

Scenario 3

The report for Sara O’Connor’s HIV test comes back from the lab positive. Tristan opens up Sara’s file and places it on the desk so that he can enclose a copy of the positive report. Before he can act the phone rings. He leaves the file open on the desk while he answers the phone.

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